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Developement of a character:




2005 - The early version


When I first designed Earl Bobby I came up with a scetch of an old man with a big nose and a hanging out thongue. I wanted to make a moving small quicky game and so red seemed to be a good color. I didn't have a lot of knowledge on human anatomy then, so I decided to hide most of his body behind a red morning coat. The animations were limited to 6 pictures for every loop. This made the character look abstract and move faster than natural. Today I still like the first walking animation and the way how the scrolling room supports the hasty athmosphere of the first game.



2007 - More detail


Later I came up with a Bobby game about Golf, I knew that this was going to end up as a bigger project. Therefore I decided to redesign the whole character and give him more detail such as legs and arms. Basic animations reached up to 10 loops and the game was inicially designed for a higher resolution and scaled down later. I designed a pattern for the Scottish look of Bobby that was going to determine the whole background scenery aswell.



2010 - Colors, shading and size


The third installment of the Bobby serie should have been a short game again. After my experience with a very long second game I felt like overkilling the slapstick theme of searching an item a bit. In order to get back to more concise concepts I wanted to create a short slapstick game full of detail and action. The result was a very detailed high resolution character with lots of shading. Since the story took part directly after the second games plot, the dress of the character remained a constant here. Just colors became more intensive and professional. Animations were raised to a medium of 12 frames in most loops.



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